Only time will tell / Decisions, Decisions.
Only time will tell
  • Alexander lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling. He needed to make up his mind- what city will he guide for the rest of his life? Paris? No, his cousin as already chosen that. Tokyo? No, far too many people to keep track of. How was he supposed to handle a city, by himself, until his death? Alex stood up, and looked at the old map upon his wall. He scanned the map, searching until a something stood out to him but, unfortunately nothing did. He sighed and ran his fingers through his raven black hair. How is he to make such a big decision, in three days?
  •         His mother chose his name from Alexander the Great, the former King of Macedon and one of the world's greatest military generals, hoping he would grow into someone like that. But Alex didn't want to be like him, even though he was great. Instead of being a ruthless killer, he liked to draw. Because of that, his mother has been hoping he will be at least courageous enough to pick a city no one would think he would pick. So, he had been searching and thinking of city for the past few months to try to fulfill his mother's hopes, and not let her down again.
  •          Paris, London and Rome were off the table, since his cousins are already the Watchers for those. If he picked a city, he would have to visit it once a month, and then he would have to travel forward one hundred years, to make sure nothing happened in past, or future. He hated the cold, so he knew he wanted somewhere warm, and maybe by the sea. He scanned the map again, but this time one caught his eye. "Athens." He muttered as his eyes widened on the city. Perfect. He thought.
  •          "Hm, Athens. Beautiful city. It's the birthplace of democracy, you know." Someone said from the doorway behind him. Alex turned around slowly, and looked at his brother. "How long have you been standing there Kian?" He asked, frowning. "Long enough. Are you going to choose Athens?" Kian said, a flash of hope in his emerald eyes. Kian has had to listen to Alex panic and rant about how he doesn't know which to choose, for months. Athens would be nice, but Alex doesn't know if it's for him. 
  •         "I don't know." He sighed.                                                                                                                                                          "You must pick soon, otherwise Mama will pick for you." Kian chuckled quietly.
  •         He's right. If Alex doesn't pick his city soon his mother will obviously pick for him, and his mother and him are complete opposites. "I know-" Alex said, walking over to Kian. He looked down at Alex and sighed as well. "Please just pick Athens. I can't hear anymore of your rants." He said, flashing a crooked grin. Kian is a few years older than Alex, and when he was eighteen, he chose the city Vienna, mostly because of it's famous chocolate cake. Of course, he always swears that's not the reason, but everyone knows it is.
  •         Alex closed his eyes, and patted Kian's shoulders. "Fine, I'll go with Athens." He mumbled, a ghost of a smile upon his face, his eyes darting everywhere. Kian's face light up, and he jumped in the air with joy. "Ah- finally! This something      worth celebrating! Come brother, we must tell everyone!" He laughed heartily, taking Alex by his arm. "Alright, alright!" Alex chuckled. "I can walk myself." He grinned, rolling his eyes. 
  •                                             `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
  •         Alex couldn't help but feel a sense of dread as they walked into the living room. His mother was sitting on the white couches, reading the old books about time travel that had been in the family for generations. She always said, "You can never know too much." She and father always were two peas in a pod. They agreed on almost everything. When father chose to be the Watcher over Istanbul, she supported him, and always went with him for his check ups with the city. Alex will always admire her for that. Unfortunately, one day his father traveled to past Istanbul, and no one knew he even went. He was murdered by an angry thief, as they found out later and, mother hasn't been the same since.
  •         "Mama, we need to prepare a celebration!" Kian said excitedly, wrapping an arm around Alex's neck. His mother glanced up at them through her glasses, and set down her book. "What for?" She asked, taking off her glasses and raising an eyebrow. "Your son," He said, glancing at Alex. "Has chosen his city!" His mother stood up, and smiled happily. "Oh!" She cried happily. "Finally! I was beginning to think I would have to pick for you." She laughed, hugging her sons. "Which one did you pick?" His mother asked, pulling away. Alexander took a deep breath in and closed his eyes before saying; "Athens."
  •          "Athens!" His mother exclaimed. "The first European Country of Culture. Beautiful." She smiled, getting lost in her own thoughts. After a few awkward moments, their mother snapped back to reality. "If we celebrate, we're celebrating my way." She said sternly, straightening herself. "Of course Mama." Kian and Alex said simultaneously. "We would expect nothing else." Kian added, grinning. His mother walked over to Alex, and wrapped him in a hug, surprising him. Mama was never one to show affection since father passed. Alex looked at Kian, who shared the same shocked look upon his face.
  •         "Your father would be so proud of you Xander." His mother whispered, using the pet name for Alex he hasn't heard in a while. Alex slowly hugged his mother back, and buried his face in her shoulder. "You as well." He murmured, hoping this moment will last forever. But he knows it won't. Nothing lasts forever. His mother pulled away again, her glassy blue eyes threating tears. "No, no no, Mama- don't cry." Kian said, noticing the tears. 
Decisions, Decisions.