Only time will tell
  • Darkness engulfed him as Alex slowly fell deeper, and deeper into the void. He knew that if you stayed for even for a little bit too long, you won't ever return back home. Your body would slowly dissipate and soon, you would become part of the void. He opened his eyes, only seeing blackness.
  •         He knew he needed to stay calm, but a panic started to bubble inside of him. Alex remembered his assignment, and he held out his hands, making the image of the Parthenon appear in front of him, almost like a projector. He focused on the image, and a dark blue color exploded and surrounded him, it strangely smelling like rosemary.
  •         Usually, there is no smell when he uses his ability, but perhaps it's because of the void. The blue mist grew closer to him, and he closed his eyes again, taking a deep breath. Alexander felt the familiar cold cloud touch his skin, surprised to feel the coldness.
  •         The blue mist clung to him, and with all of his energy, he focused on the image in front of him. There was a unexpected flash of light, and suddenly, he was flying through the hot air. His eyes flew open, and the world went blindingly bright as he landed in warm sand and dirt. 
  •         "Ow-" Alex groaned, standing up. He looked around, wiping dirt off of himself. He landed on a small hill, with rocks and green plants surrounding him. The Parthenon was right in front of him, and crowds were swarming around it. Alex noticed the crowds, and hoped that no one saw him fall from the sky.
  •         Every single time he used his ability, it drained him, a lot. Usually, he would sleep for hours on end when he would return home. But this time, he feels like he could take on the world. Maybe void traveling isn't that bad- Alex thought as he stepped over a few rocks and started walking.
  •         He could return home now, since no time is passing in the present. Mother never said he had to do anything when he arrived, so maybe he could stay for a little bit and explore.
  •         Large birds circled above- opening for their next meal. Alexander looked around again, noticing a market street with a brilliant loom of color and sound, full of braying donkeys, merchants selling their wares, and clothing both somewhat familiar and foreign.
  •         Even though he didn't have any drachma on him, Alex walked to the bustling street- hoping for an adventure. And he got it. As he was walking through the market, admiring the colors and smells, and being cautious where to step due to the waste on the ground, both human and animal, a young girl collided into him.
  •         They both toppled onto the ground, with the girl landing on top. Alex's back landed in something wet, and he didn't want to know what it was. Dark red hair flew into his face, and the girl was shaking. The girl propped herself upright- and looked at Alex with her big sea green eyes.
  •         "Oh my go- Are you okay?" He stammered while sitting up, still processing what happened. The girl put her hand over her mouth, and her shoulders started shaking. "Are you okay?" He repeated, standing up, all too aware on how eyes were glued onto them.
  •         The girl sitting on the dirty ground looked up at him, and removed her hand, flashing a wide smile. A small giggle escaped her- and she raised her hand to Alex for him to help her up. He smiled slightly, and helped her up with a small grunt. "Thanks, sorry about that-" she said with a grin, wiping the dirt off of her tunic.
  •         "Oh, don't worry about it." he replied, his peplos sticking to his back. "Are you alright?" They said at the same time, their voices over one another.
  •         They both chuckled, and the girl up looked at Alex with her bright eyes. "I'm fine." She smiled, her wine red hair all tangled. "But that is not." She frowned, pointing to his dirty, wet back.
  •         "Is it bad?" Alex asked, the beating sun making his cheeks red, while he attempted to look at his back, to no avail.
  •         The girl chuckled again, flashing the toothy grin again. She moved behind him, and Alex heard a quiet exclamation  come from her. "Oh yes." She chuckled. "It's bad. You don't want to know what you landed in."
  •         He looked down at where he had landed, and all that remained of the mysterious liquid were a few brown piles of mush. "Ah, great." He groaned, running his hand through his hair. 
  •         The girl tapped her foot, and rubbed her chin, almost contemplating what she was going to say. "Come with me." She finally said after three heartbeats.
  •         "Sorry?" Alex answered, confused. It was almost noon, and again, even though no time passed in the present, he needed to get back. The girl looked at him with her big eyes, sending a spark throughout him.
  •         "I can get that cleaned for you. It was my fault anyway." She sighed, pointing to his back again. "And then you can be on your way again." She added with a smile.
  •         "Oh- that would be great, actually." He returned her smile. Why did I just say that? He thought to himself as he kept smiling at her. He can clean it when he gets back to the present, but something about the look in her eyes... made him say yes.
  •         "Terrific." She beamed. "My name is Eleni Biros." She said, holding her hand out to him, her head tilted slightly. "Alexander Lark." He shook her hand.
Chapter 3