♡When Love Impregnates Us♡ / ~CHAPTER 11: Impatience Love?~
♡When Love Impregnates Us♡
  • “I may have lost someone who didn’t love me, but you lost someone who truly loved you.” -unknown
  • “Jimin, I don’t think we can be together.”
  • “And why is that?”
  • “Because you are still with her. If you want to be with me, then divorce her,” Areum said.
  • She was growing tired of waiting. Jimin had promised her he was going to divorce you, but he hasn’t and it is getting on her nerves. Areum doesn't like the awareness and respect that everyone gives you; all his little friends like you and not her, they praise you and not her. She felt intense hostility toward how all of Jimin's friends like you and not her.
  • She was growing sick of being second and not first; it was never like this with him… he treated her first, the way he loved her, Jimin could never. “Baby, I told you, not yet,” Jimin swathes his hands around Areum's hourglass waist. He was frantic with fear; of losing Areum. If he did, that’s the day he died.
  • He wants to divorce you so he can be with her. But things are not going well for him. He is rueing his choice of having Aera and Jamie. They are the reason he can’t divorce you; not entirely, but definitely a huge part. “Jimin, I can’t wait any longer. Just say you don’t love me and stop playing with my feelings.”
  • “Babe, don’t say that. I love you. It just…” he trails off, his throat tightened “It’s just our kids.”
  • “What do you mean? You can still be in their life. It’s not like you are running away from your obligation.” But I am? Jimin snarls out of his thoughts and inches the girl towards him. “I promise you. I will divorce her.” Staring into his eyes, she can see the sincerity in them. She knows what she is doing is wrong, but she doesn’t care. She is hurt, and she wants you to feel her pain. “Fine, but I gave you this year.” Jimin's mouth quivered into a smile.
  • “Thank you so much,” he pecks her lips. She giggles and enfolds her arms around his neck. “Just promise me one thing.”
  • “What?”
  • Taking a deep breath, she speaks.
  • “Don’t fall in love with her.” Jimin chuckles at Areum's statement. “I have been with her for 6 years and have not fallen for her. What makes you think I'll fall for her now?” He taunts, his brows shooting up. But Areum is serious. She notices how you are frequently on Jimin's mind and how the way he looks at her is altering. She is very skeptical of what is happening between you two. But she trusts Jimin. He is under her spell, so she doesn't have to worry much. Maybe it’s just a pity. I would pity her too if my husband was like that to me. She puckers her lips and leans closer to Jimin. He also slants in and kisses her.
  • ♤○♤○♤○♤
  • Sleeping peacefully in your bed, you cradle a pillow at your chest. The occasional barking of faraway dogs broke the silence of the night, causing you to stir. Although you want to rest, you haven't taken a bath since you came from work. Groaning, you slowly sit up, rubbing your head from the throbbing pain as you crawl your lifeless body out of the warm bed and walk into the bathroom. You look at yourself in the mirror; your eyes are still heavy with sleep. You could see black spots under them; it must be from the mascara which had smeared from your rough sleeping.
  • Since you gave birth to Ara and Jiun, a lot of things have occurred, it’s like you have become a different person, you can't see that girl who was pure and naïve, but one thing was still certain about you, you’re broken. A lot of things have changed you, and you know it; whether Jimin hatred towards you or your father's ill-treatment towards you and your mother or having Ara and Jiun or work, you have changed, but that one fact stays the same.
  • After you are done, taking a shower you put your pj’s on and head downstairs. You search through the refrigerator finding something to eat. Snatching something from the refrigerator, you pop it in the microwave. You look at the living room. This much muteness is getting to you. You aren't used to it. Hearing the microwave beep, you open it and take out your meal to eat. You know you are supposed to be eating healthy things, but you wanted something else.
  • ▪︎♡▪︎♡▪︎♡▪︎♡▪︎
  • “Baby, do you have to go?” asked Areum when Jimin began putting his shoes on. She didn’t want Jimin to leave. She saw no point in him going back home. The kids aren’t there and it is only going to be you and him. She hates the thought of you and Jimin being alone together. “Babe, the kids are not there, and it’s only you and her who are going to be there.” But Jimin, however, wants to go home. He misses the warmth of his home and the warmth of his bed.
  • “I have to, I’m tired.” Areum's lips puckered into a pout. Seeing her expression, Jimin changed his mind; he quickly took off his shoes. He hates seeing her sad or angry at him. It smashes into his heart. Areum smiles when Jimin takes her hands and leads her back to her room. When they entered the room, she led the way to the bed, and they both lay on it. She scoots towards his chest, her face buried itself there as he pats her hair; like a baby. “Babe, are you going to the event that’s coming up this Saturday?” her finger trailing along Jimin’s chest. “I have to. I’m one of the important guests.”
  • ¤♧¤♧¤♧¤♧¤
  • “Yes, Mr. Young. I got everything set for Saturday. Yes, everything is intact.” As you walk back to your room, you hang up the call. You don’t want to go, but unfortunately, you have to; even though you’re just an assistant. “You are one of the crucial guests.” Quoted Namjoon when you asked him if you needed to be there.
  • Dragging yourself into your bed, your eyes peer sightlessly at the ceiling; the cream wall. It looks beautiful the more you gaze at it. The days of your pregnancy came to mind. How he would make you a meal. Sing a lullaby, coddle you with kisses and pecks.
  • It felt like he actually loved you. It felt like how you envision your marriage to be; you knew it was an act to get his father to give him the company, but it felt real. You close your eyes, hungering about fantasy on how your and Jimin's life would have been if he ever loved you, if he ever saw the same spark in you the way he does with her.
  • Author's Notes: He will regret once he realizes (not right now tho.)
~CHAPTER 11: Impatience Love?~