♡When Love Impregnates Us♡ / 《CHAPTER 16: Cheat?》
♡When Love Impregnates Us♡
  • “At some point, you don't know each other, and you were doing just fine,” -TodayWeDate.com
  • “What happened with you and Areum yesterday?” Hoseok questions as he enters the oldest office. Jin sighs as he remembers the scene that occurred yesterday. “She tried talking to me, but I refused and we had an argument and she left.” Hoseok arch his brows, his eyes narrowing as wrinkles appeared between his brows, his lips pursed slightly. “Doesn't she love Jimin?” Jin asked, his brows lifted. Hoseok half shrugs; it was Areum, she would say or do anything even if it were true. He constantly tries to figure out Areum, but her ambiance is hard. One day she is happy and is the best person in the world and the next... He shook his head.
  • “She's a devil. Trust me, I learned my lesson,” he says. Jin shakes his head as his eyes stare at the paper. “She was crying and before she left, she uttered something, but I didn't catch it.”
  • “Hyung, she's very hazardous. Don't trust her. She doesn't even know herself. If only Jimin knew, but he's dumb. The term Jimin has no jams fits him so well in this situation.” Both Jin and Hoseok guffawed. As their laughter settled down, Hoseok spoke. “She ruined my reputation Hyung, I had to build it back up. She can do worse.” Jin nods; he knew what Areum did to Hoseok. If Hoseok wasn’t smart about the situation, things would’ve gone south for him. “She can exploit someone to do what she wants. I just feel bad for Yuna, she, and the kids. They are the ones who are hurt the most from all of this.”
  • “She is strong Hyung, if it was me, I would have left his ass,” says Jin. “Same, but she loves him, plus the kids.” Jin gazes his attention back to Hoseok, who is staring at the photo of him and the guys when they were young.
  • “I miss how we used to be,” he mummer pointed at the photo on Jin’s desk; he didn’t know Jin still had this picture. He remembered that day clearly as he stared at the picture. The way they beamed with laughter as if it was their last day. “Me too.” Jin says; he misses their smile, their laughter. He misses their bond; that strong brotherhood bond. Before Areum came between all of them. But he still blamed himself for plunging into her trap.
  • He despises how much control she has over each one of them. He stands up and walks to his office door. “Wanna grab lunch at the café?”
  • “Sure, why not,” says Hoseok as he stands up and makes his way to Jin.
  • ☆▪︎☆♡▪︎♡☆▪︎☆
  • “Is Mrs. Park not here yet?” Ask Namjoon as he makes his way to one of the staff who sat at her desk staring brazenly at her computer, she shot him a look over the top of her glasses, her eyes looked like hell, black bags under her eyes; for days now she's been trying to write her report. “No, sir,” she answers, shaking her head. Namjoon blew out his cheeks as his fingers pinched the bridge of his nose.
  • “Did she call in sick?” The staff shakes her head again. “She's probably running late.”
  • “Okay, when she comes, tell her to come to my office.”
  • “Okay sir,” the staff nodded, taking out a sticky note and noting it. Namjoon walks back to his office, laying back in his chair as he recalled last night. A smile lit on his face as his cheeks burned with happiness as he thought about the car ride home.
  • ♤♡°♡♤°♤♡°♡♤
  • “Mr. Kim, I should leave,” you say as you turn around to leave; after the whole kiss situation you felt awkward with him. Namjoon is quick and catches your wrist. “I'm sorry,” he says. “For?” You question as you cock your brows, you know what he is talking about, but the thought of it brings nauseous to your stomach. “The kiss.”
  • “No need to be at fault. I didn’t say no when I should have… and the kiss… it was an accident, it caught me off guard.” Namjoon's face fell, he doesn't regret the kiss.
  • “Is he mad?” Namjoon's tone is low and you can sense how scared and worried he is for you. But you know Jimin couldn't care less. Why would he care if he was in love with someone else? You shake your head.
  • “I still shouldn't have. You're married.” You press your lips into a fine line as your head lowered, staring at your stiletto heels, at this point you wanted to vanish. “I should probably leave.” You look over your shoulders at the parking lot to see if Jimin's car was still there, but it's not. “Okay,” all Namjoon said and left.
  • As you look for Jimin, you don't find him. He is nowhere to be found.
  • Sighing, you walk outside searching for his car, but it isn't anywhere either. Pulling out your phone, you text Jimin only to have no reply. You examine at the time to see if it is too late to call a taxi, but just as you do that, you see Namjoon walking up to you. You turn off your phone and look at him, forgetting about the taxi.
  • “Mr. Kim?” He licks his bottom lips, rubbing behind his neck. “Want a ride?” As much as you hate awkwardness you really needed that ride. “Um… yes, please, but if you don't mind.”
  • “I don't,” he says. Smiling lightly, you follow him to his car. As Namjoon is driving, the only sound that is in the car is the music playing on the radio. Relaxing piano music is always relaxing and calming, but not in this moment. Looking out the window, you see no one except the lights that lit up the streets. Only a few cars were on the road. “Are you alright?” asks Namjoon. You nod, of course you weren't, but you would not tell him. He doesn't need to know that.
  • Not wanting to make you uncomfortable, Namjoon kept quiet; letting silence do its job. He could feel the awkward tension and how you ignored his presence. Noticing you are almost close to your home; you look through your purse for your key. But get distracted by your phone. You look at Jimin's contact, clicking the messages icon you want to type something as him where he is, but you stare at the type of colon, wishing a message would pop up from Jimin. But it doesn't.
  • Turning off your phone, you place it in your lap. Namjoon sees the hesitation in your eyes. He remembered his mom; she used to be just like this. “If you're not okay, can you tell me?” You look at him. “It's nothing.”
  • “Oh… okay,” says Namjoon with sadness in his voice. He doesn’t want to force you; doing such a thing would only make you more uncomfortable around him and he doesn’t want that. “It's…” you look down at your phone that was vibrating on your lap. Seeing your mother's name, you pick up.
  • “Hello mama,” you say. “Can I talk to him?”
  • “O… okay.” You hang up the phone. Namjoon peeks at you and smiles. His mood lightened. He couldn't help it. It's been a while since he saw you smile, and right now, he couldn't help but take a peek at you sideways out of the corner of his left eye when you weren't looking at him. Your beauty was eternal to him, although that angel smile wasn't there he could see it. He could still see your beauty. His eyes crinkled. As you look at him, you give him a smile, his heart skipped a beat as he stared into your mesmerizing brown eyes. “Thank you, Mr. Kim.”
  • ☆◇☆◇☆◇
  • Snapping out of his thoughts, Namjoon veers around to the door that is now opening. He sits up and clears his throat. You walk into the room. “Mr. Kim, you ask for me?”
  • “Um, yes, I want you to find all the files and bring them to my office so I can look through them.” You nod, Turing away to leave, Namjoon stops you. “Yes, Mr. Kim?” You answer. “Are you alright?” You thought about the question. Am I okay? “Yes.” He rubs the back of his neck. “Um… if you ever need something, you can tell me.” You nod and leave his office.
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《CHAPTER 16: Cheat?》