♡When Love Impregnates Us♡ / ○CHAPTER 9: My Son?○
♡When Love Impregnates Us♡
  • “Of course I loved him," she says, "you don't give people you don't love the power to destroy you.”- unknown
  • “What happened?” You ask, rushing into the hallway of the school as your heels clasp on the American Olean black tiles. The teacher sighs and peeks at Jiun. He is sitting on a bench next to the teacher's classroom. “He and another kid fought. When I asked him why he hit the other kid, he didn’t answer. He asked me to call his dad, and I did… but he didn’t answer, so I ended up calling you.”
  • Jiun lowered his head down; his heart raced with fear as his body shivered as the teacher told you what happened. Hearing your heels step against the black American Olean tiles, his heart froze with fear. As you squat down, you gently clutch his hands in yours. Instead of an intense gaze he was expecting from you, you greeted him with a broadening smile. Scolding him without knowing the reason he did, it wouldn't help. “Are you okay?” He doesn't reply. He covers his face in his palm, trying to hide his face away from you.
  • “Jiun-na, why did you fight the kid?” He still doesn't answer. He doesn't want you to feel mad at him; he remembered how you told him and Ara that they shouldn't hit no one. If he told you, you'd feel mad, so he kept silent hoping you would get up and leave. But you don't. “Jiun, if you don’t tell mommy, how can I help you? How can we solve this if you don't talk?” His chin lifted, tears shone in his eyes. Your heart breaks at the tears that are displayed on his face; a great pang grips your heart.
  • “M… m… mommy, h… h… he said that I didn’t have a dad and that you’re just lying to me. He said that daddy wasn’t my father and that you cheated and got pregnant with another man. That is why daddy acts so coldly towards us. So I... I got angry and hit him across the face.” Sorrowfully, he buried his head in the crook of your neck and wept silently. The tears from his eyes wet your skin. You hug him tightly, patting your hands against his back.
  • “WHERE IS THAT * THAT HIT MY KID?” someone yells. Jiun's head rose from the crook of your neck as you let go of him. Your head turned as your eyes met a lady with red hair. She looks elegant; her pearl necklace sparkling against her neck from the light that glitter on the window. Her black stiletto heels match her simple black dress that brings out the elegant look more.
  • She glances at you and Jiun, giving you a dirty look as she walks towards you slowly, her heels making a satisfying but scary noise against the tiles. “My son is not a *,” you lash out with a fresh swell of rage rising in you. She smirked bitterly, gnashing on her bottom lips as she stepped closer to you. “Then what is he, huh?” your jaw tightened, you could feel all the other muscles in your body tightened. “He’s my son. And he has a father? Does that make him less human?”
  • “Is that why he hit my kid? Because my kid told him the truth.” She snapped back angrily, her eyes darkened.
  • “The truth?”
  • You snicker and strode closer to the woman. “Would you like for someone to tell your child their father isn't their father? Or that you had an affair with another man? Maybe you should teach your son more manners, and learn some too while you are at it because the both of you lack some.” Her eyes widen as she nibbles on her bottom lips with anger. “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?”
  • “Did I stutter, or you can’t tolerate the truth?” You leer at her as you shoot her a brow.
  • Turning around to go back to Jiun, a pair of hands grip your hair tightly; pulling it with a firm grip. The woman yanks your hair hard; as your body lower. “LET GO OF MY HAIR.” But she doesn’t. She maintains her substantial grip on your hair, forcing your head down as she holds your hair tightly. The teacher that was once standing and monitoring the scene rushed to the both of you, endeavoring to depart you two apart.
  • As both yours and the woman's voices can take notice of, security guards and school staff hustle to pull you both apart. They all suffered at first, but parted when more staff joined. You rush to Jiun and take hold of his hands. “My son will take the penalty.” Catching your breath, you spoke. Everybody stares at you shockingly as you leave with Jiun.
  • You buckle him in the backseat with his sister and drive off. “Mommy, are you okay?” asked Ara. You feel like any moment from now you'll burst into anger, but you don’t, you hold inside because of the kids. You don't want them to see that side of you.
  • “Yeah, baby, mama is alright,” you assure her. She nods her head. As you drive, you can't stop pondering about so many things. Your emotions are getting the better of you. You compress your grip on the wheel tightly. When you get home, you bathe both of them, feed them and help them with their homework. Although you are furious, you try your best to force a smile, to show the kids that you are alright.
  • ■☆°☆°☆°☆■
  • When Jimin came back home, he had asked what happened to Jiun; he said he had gotten a missed call from the school and had seen several bruises on the little one's face. To say you were disappointed was an understatement. He dared to ask what happened when he couldn't even pick up the phone? “Oh, now you care? When your phone was ringing, you didn’t care, but now you do? While you were sucking your lover's face off. Our son.” Rage pounded in you like a drumbeat.
  • “My son was sitting at school waiting for your ass. I had to come. He wished for you and not me. Jimin, you’re an *.” Halting again you walk up to him, making sure you two are now close, close enough that your breath is whacking each other, flames of anger flare through you, it mounts every second you stare at Jimin burning flaming eyes.
  • “You are worse than an *, you *,” you say, boiling with anger. His nostrils flare open like a dragon breathing for its last breath, his jaws clenched and so did his fist. He looks like he is about to hit you; more like whack you across the face, but it did not intimidate you. You went through worse from your dad. The pain that he caused you was way worse than this. Getting hit is the slightest of your concerns right now.
  • “What did you just call me?” His brows snapped together. You don't flinch and just smirk bitterly. “An * and a * even more.” You growled at him through clenched teeth. Jimin grabs your forearm and pulls you closer to him. Your forehead brushes against his as his chest pressed against yours. His hips touch yours for a sec, but back off a bit.
  • He engrossed your forearm strongly, his eyes narrowing at yours as stinging pain surged through you. You try to bite back a yelp of pain, but the firm grip on your hands deepens; Jimin sharpened fingernails dug into your hands, causing a wave of pain rolling through your body. “LET GO OF ME,” you scream; hissing from the torment as you wag your arm out of his grasp, but his firm grip was too tight; you let out a scream. “JIMIN, LET GO OF MY *ING HAND,” you shove him off, hitting him until he is no longer holding you.
  • Jimin is blanched; his face is pale as he stares at you. He has never seen this side of you; he has seen you get enraged before, but never like this. Seeing this side, he knew he crossed the line.
  • “Now listen to me, you *.” You point your hands in his face; rage beating at your heart. “You can damage me all you desire. But if you break my kids' hearts, you won’t like what I will do. If you want a divorce, I’ll give it to you. But I’m warning you, don’t hurt my kids.”
  • You storm out of the kitchen and take off to your room. Laying on the bed, your body hugged the pillow tightly. The bitterness in your face faded to weary sadness. You were holding your eyes in such a way that kept the tears inside the lids, as you curled up in a ball. Your arms wrapped around you. You tried to speak, but you were choked with tears. You bury your face in the pillow, with misty eyes.
  • Jimin collapses on the kitchen floor. He finds himself in the depths of misery; Guilt slowly takes over him, and he despises it. He did nothing wrong. He only questioned you about his son.
  • Standing on both his feet, he walks upstairs to Jiun and Ara's room. He saunters to Jiun's bed and sees the little boy curled up in an orb, his eyes flooded with tears. Jimin can hear him sniffling. He was never truly there for them. Your remarks were getting to him, devouring his dignity, something he kept with so much pride. Jimin slants over and kisses Jiun's forehead and walks to Ara, also kisses her forehead and leaves.
  • Jimin came to your room; which was once you and his room. He stares at your physique on the bed; that was curled up in an orb with your face completely concealed in the pillow. He ambles to you. Slowly he lifts your head up, his palms under your face so it wouldn’t sink into the bed. He positions the pillow right as he lays your head on it.
  • Just like Jiun, your eyes are also watery. He buries his face in his palm, sighing. Why am I doing this? Jimin thought as he pulls the blanket on you, he stares at your frame on the bed. Seeing you like this concerns him; he knows he should hate you, but that soft side of him, the one you brought out doing the time you both were dating, couldn't help but feel broken at the sight of you right now. But he doesn't dwell upon it for too long as he rambles away once he is done positioning the blanket over your body and goes into the guest room.
  • Author's notes: Do you think Jimin is redeemable?
○CHAPTER 9: My Son?○