♡When Love Impregnates Us♡ / ₩CHAPTER 14: Hurt?₩
♡When Love Impregnates Us♡
  • “When your body burns love for him And all you want to do is start 'typing… Swallow that fire And leave that boy well alone One-sided love Is not love at all.” ~ Salma el warranty
  • “Are you hurt, Mr. Park?”
  • “I… she… I saw her kissing and rubbing on another man.”
  • “How so? You said that Areum wasn't that type of woman."
  • “That was before I saw her kissing him.”
  • “Who is him?”
  • “Jin, my Hyung.”
  • “Who is he to her?”
  • “They dated before me and her. I must confront her. She said she loves me, but yet kisses another man.”
  • “So who came to your rescue when you got drunk and couldn't drive yourself?”
  • “Yuna… she took care of me that night and when she woke up, she took care of me.”
  • “Do you still love Areum?”
  • “Yes, I love her and I miss her.”
  • “Mr. Park.”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Have you decided on what you're going to do?”
  • “Not yet. I'm confused and don't know what to do.”
  • “Whatever you do, I hope you don't regret it.”
  • “I hope so too.”
₩CHAPTER 14: Hurt?₩