♡When Love Impregnates Us♡ / ÷CHAPTER 20: Love Story?÷
♡When Love Impregnates Us♡
  • “The biggest lesson I learned this year is to not force anything; conversations, friendships, relationships, attention, love. Anything forced is just not worth fighting for, whatever flows, what crashes. It is what it is.”-unknown.
  • “Yoongi, I'm not in the mood,” complains the younger man. But Yoongi wasn't having it. He was done sitting and watching one of his closest friends cry over a woman that doesn't deserve him. He wants the other Jimin back. The one who was more active, not the one who sat in his bedroom every day and did nothing. It bothers him, so he, along with the others, planned that the weekend before Jungkook and Jin leave for military service, they take him out.
  • “Jimin, just this one time, then you can go back to whatever pleases you.” Jimin stares at the other guys. It shocked him that Yoongi was the one doing this. “Fine, but don't force me to do anything,” Jimin says, warning Yoongi. Yoongi nods. “I promise.” They both smile at each other before taking their seat at a table.
  • 《 》
  • “Be safe, honey,” yells your mom from the kitchen. “Okay,” you yell back, leaving the apartment. You are going to hang out with Yoongi with his friends today. You never meant them before, but you are excited to meet them. Yoongi had said so many things about them, he spoke so highly of them, and you couldn’t wait to meet them. As you enter the bar, the scent of alcohol smells spring into the air. You look around to find Yoongi. As you do, you smile brightly and head toward him. As you come closer, he waves at you and you wave back.
  • “Hey princess,” he says, hugging you tightly. You chuckle, taking a seat beside him. Yoongi introduced everyone to you, but there was one person who was lost in their thoughts to even see you; his alcohol clutch in his hands as he stared at nothing. You felt like asking Yoongi about the young man, but you let it slide and continued with the conversation with the guys.; they were fun to talk with. Taehyung was the funny one, the one who kept asking if he could get your number. Jin and Jungkook were his side buddies. They made fun of him when you had kindly rejected the offer.
  • Jimin is so lost in his thoughts that he didn't see when the others had entered and taken their seats. Only one person, in particular, wasn't here and he couldn't care less. But the moment he looks up at Yoongi again, he sees a beautiful girl; she is like the average girl, but her face and sense of fashion speak for themselves.
  • She is exquisite, and any man that lays eyes on her will surely fall for her. She is beautiful in every aspect, but what made Jimin mesmerized by her is her beautiful white smile. He watches her as Yoongi and the girl talk, smiling at each other, as they flirt with their eyes. He watches as the girl gets nervous and blush slightly as Yoongi rubs her thighs, making her blush more. They seem pretty close. Jimin couldn't help but think about Areum. This girl reminds him about her, her smile, her eyes, the way she talks and her fashion looks. He sighs and looks down at his hands.
  • “Jimin, this is Yuna, my girl's best friend,” Yoongi says as he looks at the girl who is staring at Jimin. “Hey, I'm Jimin,” says Jimin as his hands reach for the girl. The girl shakes hands with him. “I'm Yuna, Yoongi's girl's best friend,” she says, her smile mesmerizing. Jimin can't help but smile at her. She was his new distraction.
  • 《 》
  • It's been a year and a half since Jimin and you meant each other. Y'all have been speaking together and seeing each other for quite a while. As you both sat in the living room, you two couldn't help but stare at each other. The tension from each of y'all was enough for Jimin to move closer to you. He placed his right hand on your right thigh, stroking it gently as he spoke. “Tell me if you feel uncomfortable, and I'll remove it.” You nod.
  • You're shy; it's not your first time getting touched; the last time you got touched they weren’t significant memories, you didn’t quite enjoy it; it wasn't the best. But this is your first time getting touched like this by someone, not just anyone but someone who you love; someone who sparked so many emotions in you. Feeling. Jimin's hands travel further up your thighs, as an adrenaline rush passes through you; you could feel your wetness increasing as he got closer.
  • “Can I?” Jimin asks. As soon as his hands get closer to your private part, he could feel your heat. He could tell how needed you were for him. You nod your head as your face blushing brightly. Jimin hands into your private part as you moan, Jimin hands did wonders between your legs, that made you needing him more. Your hands wrap around the back of his neck, pulling his lips to yours. He lets out a breath of surprise, and then he plunges his fingers into your hair, kissing you back with enthusiasm.
  • Jimin tongue caresses the seam of your lips while his hand slides down to hold your waist. You grab his waist, pulling him closer, and you can't help but moan when you feel his hardness against you. You carefully unbutton the waist of his pants.
  • He kisses you harder, his hand falling to your waistband. Your hands rise to his shirt buttons as you unbutton the shirt slowly, lingering on each one, running your fingertip delicately down his chest. He whimpers in desperation. You grin.
  • He pushes you back onto the sofa, and you look up at him, taking in every bare inch of him. He's glorious, muscled, and toned. Your eyes linger there. He kisses you, pressing skin to skin.
  • His fingers caress your thighs, touching every part of your body. All you can think about is how much you want him; your lust growing in you for him as he teases you. You eye him saucily as he looms over you. Your legs spread open without a thought when he smirks at you. He seizes your hip and pushes inside you. Taking a moment to adjust to his size. He kisses your neck and then bites your earlobe. His breath makes you shiver. He grins against your ear. He immediately sets a fierce, punishing rhythm, and you can't help crying out as pleasure rushes through you.
  • When you cum, it's hard and fast too, and you can't stop yourself from yelling out loud at the force of it. He finishes a moment later, as you both collapse onto the sofa, gasping for breath.
  • You pull him in for a deep kiss even though Jimin wants to look at you; he doesn't want to at the same time; you remind him of his ex and he doesn't want that; he feels like he should have stopped, but with your wet lips against his making him insane, he can't seem too. You taste good on his lips and definitely in his mouth.
  • Jimin snakes one of his hands around your waist and tugs you toward him. As both your lips part, it's swollen. You are no longer the woman Jimin was seeing. All he can see now is Areum, the woman to which his heart belonged. Smiling at you and his thoughts, he spoke. “I love you,” he whispers in your ears as he bites your ears and starts kissing your body, making marks everywhere. “I love you,” Jimin says again, which makes you smile once again.
  • 《 》
  • “YOU MUST MARRY HER. You did that to her, so take RESPONSIBILITY,” Jimin's father, Mr. Park, yells. He is disappointed in his son. He doesn’t care about his son's sex life, but once it affects him, and the family business, he has to take charge. “But I don't love her. I love Areum.”
  • “I DON'T CARE WHO YOU LOVE, you will not put this FAMILY NAME TO SHAME,” yells Mr. Park, his voice heartless. “He doesn’t love her. And you don’t want her ending up like us, do you?” Turning to his wife, Mr. Park said nothing to her; he knew she would take her son's side.
  • “She doesn't even fit our class.” Jimin nods his head. “She's just a fling,” says Jimin. Mr. Park's eyes are like boiled eggs; as they boil with anger. “I don't care what she is, either you marry her or lose the company to Joseph, your cousin.” Mr. Park leaves the living room. Both son and wife stare at each other. They know Mr. Park can do what he said and Jimin wanted the company.
  • “Mom..?”
  • “I will talk to him. Your father is just stubborn.” Mrs. Park rubs Jimin's hands. “I only love Areum,” he says.
  • 《 》
  • The walk down the aisle to the altar seems far. As you walk closer and closer, your heart and everything in you are shaking. You couldn’t believe how your life turns out. Never once in your life did you think you were going to be in a wedding gown, with a bouquet in your hands and a veil over your face. You never believe you see this many people all gathered here just to witness this. It was never your dream to marry one day; you didn't want your marriage to be like your parents.
  • Maybe if you didn't agree with Mr. Park's offer to have the child, you wouldn't be walking down this aisle and seeing so many faces. You weren't ready to have this child but thinking about Mr. Park's offer. You didn’t want Jimin to suffer the consequences because of your foolishness. What made you agree to the wedding was that if Jimin didn't marry you, he wouldn't have the family company. You didn’t want to be the reason he didn’t inherit his father’s company, and having the child would secure the seat.
  • As you get on the altar, you see Jimin's facial expression; his eyes darkened. You can see some sort of agony in his heart. Not thinking too much about it, you pay attention to the words of the priest. Although you are looking at Jimin, you tried to avoid his eyes, because the look in them is scary; those cold scary ones, nothing about it seems to mesmerize you like before.
  • “You may kiss the bride,” the priest's voice rang in your ears. You stare at Jimin. He doesn’t waste any time and leans in closer to you so that you both had no space between y’all.
  • “I hate you.” He whispers as he emphasizes the hate part. A huge bump that was stuck in your throat was now swallowed when he said that.
  • 《 》
  • After the wedding ceremony, during the reception, Jimin's words continued to play in your head. You couldn’t even pay attention to anything that was going on. The words clouded your mind, and it scared you. Right now, you have nothing but regrets. You regret giving yourself up to him; you hated even meeting him or saying hello to him.
  • As if things couldn’t get any worse, the drive to the house was the worst atmosphere to be in. You never thought that you and Jimin would ever have this quietness among y'all. Tonight seemed to be too quiet and nobody said a word. Each of you avoided looking at the other's eyes. You couldn’t stand looking at those eyes Jimin had on earlier. It was scary and cold. As you two enter the house, you both take your things upstairs. After placing both suitcases in the room, Jimin looks at you.
  • “I will never love you,” he says before leaving to go downstairs. You stare at the bed, not saying anything. Tears may make their way down your eyes. You didn’t even realize it until you felt the tears enter your mouth. It was salty and tasted sad. What have I gotten myself into?
÷CHAPTER 20: Love Story?÷