♡When Love Impregnates Us♡ / ¥CHAPTER 13: The Kiss?¥
♡When Love Impregnates Us♡
  • “I will love you for you, not for what you have done, or what you will become.”-JJ Heller.
  • After some time of socializing with others, you get bored and walk outside, where you sit on the bench and gaze at the stars. Remembering when your mom used to take you stargazing, it was always fun. Even with everything that was going on, she still took you out and made time for you.
  • As you think of the first time you saw the stars, you couldn’t think of a time you’d ever been happier than that. You always want to take Ara and Jiun, but you barely had time, which is why you feel you aren't an exemplary mother. You crossed your right leg over your left; the warmth of your hands rubs your thighs as you lean on it a little.
  • “Mrs. Park?” a familiar voice call. “Mr. Kim?” you turn your head around to see him standing and looking at the stars. “Are you alright?” he asks. You nod; as your head turns away from him and back to the stars. He arches his brows. “I'm fine, I just came out here to get air,” you say.
  • “Relatable.”
  • “How about you?” You tilt your head back at him. “Um, same, I don’t like events or anything with partying, not my things,” he enunciates. You smile as he takes a seat beside you.
  • “Is something on your mind Mrs. Park?” You let out a puff. “I'm not sure what it is, but there is something always on my mind, even if I always avoid it.”
  • “Tell me about it,” he sighs. His eyes shifted away from the stars and gleamed at you.
  • “Mr. Kim-.”
  • “Namjoon please,” he cut you off. You nod; as much as you love to keep things professional, you also respect his request of calling him by his name. “Namjoon, you keep staring at me. Is there something on my face?” You inquired while touching the brim of your face with your hands. He shakes his head, and a little chuckle slips out of his mouth.
  • “It's just that you're beautiful. I can't help but glance at you.” Your face reddened, his compliment warms your heart. “You too. You are an exquisite man.” He smiles, as he draws his lips between his teeth. The atmosphere becomes quiet as you can hear the wind swirling around the both of you; your body shivers from the swirling wind. You stand up about to leave, but Namjoon's hands clasp your wrist. You look at him, startled.
  • “Can't you just stay? I hate being alone.” Staring into his eyes, you could see how sincere he is. You nod and sit back down. “Thank you, Mrs. Park-.”
  • “Yuna please,” you say and he nods. “You remind me of my mother. Your aura is just like hers.” You smile, you aren't sure if this was a good thing or not, but smile regardless; you were sure it was a compliment if it came from Namjoon. “Your mother must be beautiful and strong.” He nods as you let out a laugh, your eyes crinkling. You were beautiful. If only you could see yourself from Namjoon's eyes.
  • “She is so strong that I sometimes underestimate her. She is a very hard-working, wonderful, most beautiful woman I've ever seen.” Tears shimmer in his eyes; the thought of his mother always had tears creeping up in his eyes. He fears it was because she was forced into it. Seeing you, he can feel it. You pat his back. Sniffling, he puts on a weak smile.
  • “Thanks.”
  • “Anytime.” You smile brightly; as joy overtakes you. Namjoon's eyes move to your lips, he leans in closer to you, his lips lightly brush against yours. It is soft and his breath is warm. As his lips tease and caress yours, you feel the warmth of his body pressed against you. Your arms wrap around his neck. You want to pull away; because you know this is wrong. You're a married woman. You shouldn't do this, but you don't push off, you let him kiss you. You let his lips do wonders against yours.
  • You let the sweetness of his lips mix with yours. You allow him to grab your hips and pull closer as you kiss him passionately, as if you're his woman. Your insides tingles when you feel his tongue suck yours with gentle but fierce motions. You smile against his lips; as you turn scarlet from what this man was stirring through you. Tears rolled down your cheeks as you thought about the one man you would rather have this with, the one you should have this with. Why can't Jimin be like him? Why can't he love me?
  • “YUNA.” A voice screeches. Jimin stood there with veins popping out in his neck, as anger pulsed through him. You instantly jolt away from Namjoon, realizing what you just did. Jimin stomped towards you and Namjoon. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you sharply towards him. You instantly shove him away from you. “WHAT THE HELL.”
  • “What the hell? I am your husband. And eyes might be watching.” He said through gritted teeth as his eyes beamed with rage as his expression hardened.
  • “So now you want to be my husband?” Jimin says nothing and inspects your features; rage fills your eyes as your resentment for Jimin grows inside you like a tumor. You are about to stomp away again when Jimin grasps your wrist. “LET GO OF ME.” You shriek from a flaming pain in your wrist. But Jimin doesn't. His grip on your wrist tightens. “JIMIN.” You yelp out from the pain.
  • “What the hell, man?” Namjoon pushes Jimin away from you and takes hold of your hands, pulling you behind him. Jimin's jaws tighten and so do his hands; the corner of his eyes wrinkle when he sees your hands take a hold of Namjoon’s suit. He doesn't like the fact that you just kiss another man in front of him, not any man but Namjoon, his enemy. He could probably stand another man, but could he?
  • “You were hurting her.” Namjoon pauses and turns to you. “Are you okay?” You nod your head. Not bearing what was happening in front of him, Jimin storms away. He doesn't know why he is being like this. Why did kissing Namjoon affect him? Was it because he hated Namjoon, or was it jealousy? He doesn't know. As Jimin storms away, he stops his step, as he sees two figures arguing next to the bathroom, in the hallway.
  • He stares blankly at the two figures. They are Areum and Jin. Areum cried as she hugged Jin’s back. He eyes as Jin pulls himself away from her, but Areum holds him tightly. Her lips touch the crotch of his neck as she kisses it. Jimin doesn't move, he just stares, not even a muscle in him twitched. The woman he loves is with another man. She told him she loves him, but yet here she is hugging and kissing another man, not just any man, but someone who is like a brother to him.
  • Author's Notes: oooooo…. How did y’all feel about the kiss?
¥CHAPTER 13: The Kiss?¥