♡When Love Impregnates Us♡ / {CHAPTER 15: What Happened?}
♡When Love Impregnates Us♡
  • “A broken heart is the worst. It's like having broken ribs. Nobody can see it, but it hurts every time you breathe.” -unknown.
  • “Thank you so much,” you say to Namjoon as you get out of the car. “All my pleasure.” Happiness swelled within you as a smile lit your face. You wave Namjoon goodbye as his car drives off. Opening the door, you enter your home, setting your phone on the kitchen counter, as you rest your body on the couch. “I'm tired,” you declare, getting out of the couch as you grab your phone from the kitchen countertop, you make your way up the stairs. Entering the room, you walk straight to the bathroom to take a warm shower. The warm water showers your skin as you wash your body with the pink sponge.
  • After taking your shower, you fell on the bed; you weren’t naked. You had a beige, brown pj set with animals on it. The feeling of laying on your bed is relaxing and refreshing. You can’t help but close your eyes and sleep. It was later in the night when you were snoozing when you realized your phone was ringing. You stroke your eyes as you reach over to the nightstand where your phone is; you blink a few times as your eyes adjust to the brightness of the phone.
  • “Hello?” You place your phone to your ear. “Is this Ms. Areum?” the voice asks. Shaking your head, you gave a reply. “No, who is this?”
  • “Um, I am calling because a man named Mr. Park is drunk and can't drive, and needs someone to pick him up.” Getting off the bed, you put on your slides.
  • “Yes, I'm on my way.” You hang up the phone, and head downstairs, grabbing your car keys. You head outside to your car. You are sleepy and taking the wheel at this hour is bad, but you rub your eyes from sleepiness. You buckle yourself tightly before steering off.
  • ~
  • Entering the bar, you see Jimin laying on the table; he is in a drunk state, reeking of alcohol. Using all your resilience, you pick him up from the table. “LET GO OF ME, I HATE YOU!” He shouts, as his hands plunge in the air, hitting you in the face. You sigh. Ignoring his request, you began pulling him off the table. With the help of the owner, you got him off the table and on your back.
  • Jimin is very hefty, but you use all your strength and inner power to haul him to your car, where you position him in the backseat, laying him down against the soft car seats. “Areum… why?” says Jimin as he holds on to your wrist. “I'm not Areum, and please let go. You are injuring me.”
  • “Yuna?” You don't answer, the sight of the man which you call your husband heavily aggravates you. “Why are you always the one who is there for me? Why isn't she here? Why are you here?” he groans, shutting his eyes. “I don't know, ask her.” Closing the door, you thanked the bar owner.
  • ☆♧☆♧☆♧☆
  • “Jimin, stand up, and stop moving,” you complain. You know he is drunk, but you can't help but scold him. Whenever you get him to stand up, he always falls and you have to catch him. “I don't need your help.” He pushes you away from him. You clutch his forearm and link it with yours tightly, as you pull him to the door. Once you get Jimin in the house and up to the guest room; his new room, you let out an exhausting sigh as you roll your neck, side to side, loosening kinks in them. Your hands message the neck of your shoulders.
  • “GET OUT!” Jimin yells. You peer at Jimin, whose eyes are closed and hands and legs spread out on the bed. Taking the pillow from the bed, he throws it at you. You chuckle bitterly. “Ungrateful ass,” you mumble. “I HATE YOU, I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU, I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANYBODY. GET THE * OUT!” He yells again. Chuckling bitterly, you stare at the man on the bed, he lies there helplessly, you shake your head. You will never change. You are too stubborn. Exiting the room, you went back to your room.
  • ●◇●◇●♧●♧●
  • Waking up to make hot soup for Jimin was never a way to go about your morning. Getting a bottle of water and some painkillers, you take it to Jimin. He lays down on the bed. You don't know why you decide to do it, after what he said to you. You set the soup on the nightstand and hand the cup of water. “Here, your head must be hurting,” you say.
  • Jimin stares at you. After all the trouble he put you through, you still had the heart to do all this. Taking the water, he drinks some of it before putting it on the nightstand. “Thank you… I'm… sorry.” He apologizes, but you ignored his apologies. “Here,” you say, placing the soup on the nightstand. “I made it for you.” Jimin doesn't even glance at the soup. He hates the fact that you did this after everything he said and did; it makes him feel a type of way. Unfurling the door, you vacate out of his sight and walk back to the kitchen, setting the dirty dishes in the sink and washing them.
  • This is not the first time you took care of Jimin in this state. But you wish it was your last. Was it because of me and Namjoon? You shake your head; you don't want to assume stuff. Today, Ara and Jiun are coming home and you couldn't wait to see them.
  • They are the reason you laugh and smile; the reason your heart leaped with joy. After talking to them this morning, you just couldn't wait to see them. You couldn’t wait to ask them about how grandma's house was. You also want them to go to Jimin's parent's house. It has been a long time since they saw your angels, well, mostly his father. His mother doesn't care about them.
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{CHAPTER 15: What Happened?}