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[Finished] Missing Pieces (BTS) ·

[Finished] Missing Pieces (BTS) ·

Author: Tae's Misfit Minji is a Masters Students studying to become a teacher. She works at a cafeteria along with her best friend and roommate Yun. She is a happy go lucky person who works hard and loves what she does. There is one thing that keeps troubling her – the idea of having a brother somewhere in the world. Jungkook has everything he can wish for – friends, family, fame, fortune, good health – but he has always felt that a part of him is missing. Jimin always has been a romantic and when the girl of his dreams shows up, he does not waste time but their love will be tested beyond measure. Can it survive? Hoseok has his eyes set on their choreographer who he has known for the past seven years and who had become one of his closest friends but before he can confess to her, a horrible accident occurs.