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His Saviour: For Me, You Are.

His Saviour: For Me, You Are.

Shelley 45
"What the h*ck is wrong with you?" Unable to take in whatever it is going on in front I shout, getting out from the hiding. He pauses as if he is taken aback. For seconds, if not for minutes, there is a heavy silence. Only the tick-tock sound of clock is ringing in the air. It takes him a long while to utter a single question, "how?" I take a few steps in his direction so that I can see his face a little. Even though we are still quite a distance apart. I cross my hand over my chest as I glare at him hard. He looks shaken and I see a little quiver of his bottom lip before he bites it down.  "Explain it to me, whatever it is that you were doing." I voice my words with so much authority that even I, myself find it surprising. I'm not afraid of this person but genuinely worried. 'I definitely should be afraid. Ash terrifies me. But no. I'm not. What is wrong with me? Where did I find this courage?' I look around and there are broken dishes splattered on the floor. "This can't be possible. Nadia?" His words takes my attention from the broken dishes to back to him. His words were just a mumble but I heard them loud and clear, given the silence provided by night.  I take a step closer in his direction and ...***... ...A strange recurring dream, this is all it was for him. Or was it? Dreams reflect realities to some extent. The guy that keeps appearing in Nadia's dreams made her curious. But is he only just a dream?