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Chen Qing Ling - Fu Xian

Chen Qing Ling - Fu Xian

ai wa keng de tu zi
The text has been completed, and it is random. I am the only spirit-controlling grass that has become a demon in this world, but unfortunately I am in the mass grave and am prohibited and unable to go out. Later, a man promised me a promise, he said, to take my real body to read the prosperity of the world. I accompanied him through the innocence and beauty of youth, and accompanied him to grow step by step and reach the peak. He wanted to summon Hundred Souls, so I possessed the Yin Tiger Talisman he refined. When he fell, I was reborn with him, suffered from the warmth and cold of the world with him, and created another miracle with him. At the last moment, when I was about to dissipate, I realized that there were times when I couldn't take it anymore. I heard him roar out my name in anger and misery, and looking back, he was looking at me with extreme sadness. Wei Ying, will you feel sorry for me? Will you think of a grass after a long time? - [Self-created heroine, the original fans think twice and enter carefully!] 7.4. Writing. 7.10. Apply for a visa. Contract. 7.16. Signed. The contract was successful.