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Queen of Triads (BTS Mafia AU & Reader)

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Author: HellClaw666


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You, Y/N Wong, met the love of your life a year ago and you both were sure you would be together forever. You accepted that Kai was one of the bosses of the Chinese triads, and you prepared yourself for being his wife and a second boss. But no one prepare you for seeing Kai being shot before your eyes. It was only a week after you two got married, and you had already become a widow. However, your desire for revenge was stronger, so much so that you accepted all the conditions the Elders - a group that consisted of the heads of the eight families that make up the triads - set for you. Kai's father claimed you as his daughter and put you at the head of his son's group with his right hand man and cousin Lucas as a support, but that doesn't mean you can be fighting for revenge. As a woman, even if you killed your husband's murderer, you have not much to say in the world of men who belong to the mafia, but you will not back down from anything. However, you are not alone, as you have two trusted men by your side - your friend with Korean roots, the gun specialist Yoongi, and Lucas, who is set to become your husband a year after Kai's death. Seeking revenge will not be easy, especially since your troubles are just about to begin. A new power-hungry group will emerge in Seattle, led by two brothers, Namjoon and Jungkook. However, you will have to deal with Jungkook, the younger and much more violent of the brothers, whose main target will be you....
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