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Lonely hearts

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Author: Urtaeluvzmakooki


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A hospital brings two broken and mateless boys together. Jungkook, a normal, scratch that, a mateless sixteen year old boy who has almost lost his brother due to attempted suicide. Is forced to run away from home when his father forces him to replace his brother and take up the burden of succeeding his father, the beta of moonlight pack. He runs to the hospital he's brother is hospitalized and meets Kim Taehyung. Kim Taehyung a lousing soul and future alpha of darkmoon pack, grieving the lose of he's mate. An accident that temporary cripples the older and jungkook has to take responsibility. What happens when Jungkook can't help but fall for Taehyung who isn't willing to get over the only person that he's ever loved in his entire life. Will Taehyung give into Jungkook's charm? Is the thing called second chance mate even true?
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