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His Girl[Hyunjin X Reader Mafia Gang ff]

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Author: yυωση


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Park Y/n, also known as Lux, is a killer who is feared by many. Ever since three years ago, she wanted to seek revenge and find out the mafia organization that killed her sister, Park Chaeyoung. She was a very special person to Y/n as Y/n was practically brought up by her, due to their parents getting killed in a car crash when Y/n was 10 years old. However, Y/n was sure that the car crash was not an accident. Y/n always gets instructions from her boss, JYP to carry out missions. She had made a deal with him—that if she helps him, in return he would help her to take revenge on the mafia organization that killed her family. On this rocky journey, Y/n meets new people, people who she considered as family. But this happy moment would not last long. It is always calm before a storm. How long would it take for the mafia organization to track Y/n down and kill her like what they did to her family? What did they want from her? And most importantly, can Y/n still trust him? *None of the pictures I used belong to me, credits to the original owners :) *Cross-posted on Quotev
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