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Author: LadyBunnette


Table of contents

Eternia is a boundless world, compassed by three resplendent moons: Andromedus, Andromita, and Jediah. The kingdoms thereof are beginning to favor science over the older, magical arts, which are ever-fading. Legend has it that ancient dragons and orithuns, bloodthirsty, humanoid creatures rumored to now be dwelling underground, sought to eliminate the magical arts from the arsenal and collective knowledge of all other Eternian species, albeit it with independent reasoning. Celestia is a sorceress, one of the last of her kind, from just outside of Atreus, an Eternian village just large enough to arguably constitute a town, populated by a tight-knit, hardworking community. Despite her coveted abilities, Celestia leads a modest life tending to her farm, solemnly practicing the arts passed on by her late mother and father, and enjoying the company of her protective lynx-Maine Coon, Violet. Her life is suddenly turned upside down, however, when orithuns surface and begin attacking travelers and residents of Atreus, culminating in the mysterious Ilios, an enigmatic man seemingly unknown to everyone, saving her life without convincing explanation. Everything she thought she knew about her world is brought into question and shattered in turn upon embarking on a journey of discovery, danger, and growth as the world around her erupts into war and she seems to be the only one who can save it.
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