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Crashing into you(BTS)

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Author: BTS_fansstories


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Author:Iris55 " The word crash is often used in a negative way. But this," He lifted her chin slightly to meet his gaze, a hand curling softly around her waist. "I crashed into you and don't regret a thing." Nam Cho-yeon was a normal nurse at Yeongro Hospital in Seoul, just trying to get by. Little did she know one night late off of her shift would forever mold her life. Park Jimin was a global star, beloved by millions, and yet, caged. He certainly had not expected one night of possible freedom to change his life permanently. They're opposite ends of the spectrum, like parallel lines. Parallel never meet, and for good reason. After all, how could a practical and an artist ever work? But there is an exception to the line rule. When they crash into each other...
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